Every vendor has a payment day, this is automatically allocated by our system. Vendors know their allocated payment day following their first payment on Jumia.

Payment is made via bank transfer into vendor’s provided account details. All vendors receive payments 7 working days after the close of their weekly account statement for items successfully delivered to customers.

For example, if a seller delivers items worth N10,000 between 2-8th September, his weekly account statement closes on the 8th of September and he will be paid  on the 18th of September which is 7 working days after the close of his account statement.

How To Read Account Statement

Step 1: Log into your seller center account

Step 2: Click on the drop down arrow on the reports tab

Step 3: Click on Account Statement

Step 4: Understand the details on the dashboard

Open Statement shows the accumulation of the value of items delivered within a week.

Due and Unpaid shows you how much Jumia will pay to you on your next pay day. The amount under Open statement moves to due and unpaid, thereafter the seller is paid.

My Dashboard shows the count of ordered items and their various status (e.g delivered to customer, returned, out for delivery etc.).

Paid in the last 3 months shows the value or amount paid to a seller in a space of 3 months. This value will always change to reflect current balances.

Step 4: To get a breakdown of amount paid to you, click on Order Overview