2022 Jumia Anniversary Event Seller Reminder(2022/5/27)

  A huge online traffic can help the store to gain more orders. "JUMIA 2022 Anniversary" is coming. The event is from June 13th to July 3rd (the specific start and end time depends on the situation of each site). Big promotions can bring continuous super-high benefits to sellers, increase the number of orders, create popular products, and make long-term profits. This is a powerful tool for sellers to increase the number of orders in their stores. JUMIA hereby reminds all sellers to pay attention to the following related matters, so that your promotion will be more effective!


1. Always pay attention to the Seller Score

    High cancellation rate, high return rate and low product score will directly lead to the offline of the store and reduce the store score (only the store score is greater than or equal to 3 points to have the opportunity to participate in the anniversary promotion), so sellers should pay attention to the following points:

  • Focusing on inventory count and update:

Ensure that the online inventory of the store is consistent with the actual inventory of the warehouse, and avoid the increase in the cancellation rate due to insufficient actual inventory (if the cancellation rate is >=10%, the store will be offline).

  • Timely Shipping:

The package needs to be sent to the sorting center within 5 working days and then transferred to the "shipped" status successfully, otherwise the overtime order will be automatically canceled by the system and the cancellation rate will be affected.

  • Pay attention to the status of the package in time:

 When the status of the package has not changed for a long time, you should check whether the package has arrived at the warehouse or whether the handling of the package by the sorting center is correct. If the quality inspection fails and the product is not contraband, please send the correct package within the lead time according to the instructions in the mail that were sent by Jumia. If the quality inspection result is contraband (embargoed/prohibited), please offline it immediately. If it is sent to the previous warehouse by mistake, please resend it to the new warehouse within the lead time.

  • Focus on return rates and product ratings:

Avoid being offline due to high return rates (>=5%) or low product ratings (=<2.5).


2. Product Content Optimization

  • Before the start of the big promotion, you should carefully check the relevant information such as product content, price, size chart, etc., and make corresponding optimization actions to avoid the occurrence of bad situations such as subsequent buyers returning goods due to quality problems due to inconsistent pictures and texts or irregular sizes. .

  • Strictly follow the product listing rules, and check and remove contraband (including prohibited and prohibited items) and counterfeit infringing products before the big promotion to avoid platform fines and other penalties.


Remarks: Prohibited items include drones, tattoo equipment, etc.; Prohibited items include liquids, powders, knives, weapons, etc. The details of the specific prohibited items can be viewed here, and the details of counterfeit, infringing and shoddy products can be viewed here.


3. Pay attention to driving traffic and raising order conversion rate

  • Great price:

A product with a price advantage will enhance the chance of the product being purchased and increase the conversion rate of the product.

  • Marketing:

Sellers can also increase product exposure by purchasing paid advertisements - Mabaye on the JUMIA platform


4. Pay attention to drop shipping parcels restrictions and warehouse addresses

  • With the new international shipping mechanism, the weight of the package (gross or volume weight cannot exceed 3Kg) and size (any side or multiple sides cannot exceed 60 cm (length), 40 cm (width), 40 cm (height)) have been updated. The seller should pay attention to this restriction when shipping goods to avoid the package being returned by the sorting center.

  • The warehouse location has been adjusted recently. Before sending the products to the nearby sorting center, the seller should pay special attention to the correct location of the warehouse to avoid the package being returned. And if the seller needs to resend a new parcel to the warehouse, please make sure that the parcel will be sent  within the lead time. The specific address of the warehouse can be viewed here.


5. Do not change the FBJ account stock inventory


  • The inventory of the overseas warehouse account is set by the local warehouse staff after the product is checked. The seller must remember not to modify the inventory of the FBJ account. The resulting abnormal order will be canceled as out of stock and affecting the store.


6. If you have any problems, please Rasie A Claim in time


  • When the seller encounters a problem in the operation (for example the store is offline/unable to print the facing slip/abnormal payment, etc.), please be sure to notify the Vendor Support Team through the Raise A Claim channel in time.


Please pay attention to the above precautions for the preparation of the big promotion, and strictly abide by the platform regulations for order operations. Here, JUMIA wishes all sellers in advance to have a big promotion on the anniversary!


Jumia Global