2022 JUMIA Anniversary Promotion Registration Notice for International Sellers(2022/4/21)


Event Date: 13th June 2022-3rd July 2022

Registration Date:21st Apr. 2022-22nd May 2022

Dear sellers,

Are you ready for the 10th Jumia Anniversary?

Jumia's biggest event is coming, customers will be very eager to shop during this time, so it’s the best chance for sellers to create more orders. To make this happen, sellers can dig into various types of products to create differentiated advantages, and also put on the large demand products. Let us grow the business and increase the profit together!

Join us if you meet the criterias as below:

   Note:Maximum of 100 Skus per store

You can join us based on the countries where your store is located,we are looking forward to your participation!

Activity links are as below:

NG: https://sellercenter.jumia.com.ng/promotion/seller/view/id/2162

UG: https://sellercenter.jumia.ug/promotion/seller/view/id/439

MA: https://sellercenter.jumia.ma/promotion/seller/view/id/1106

KE: https://sellercenter.jumia.co.ke/promotion/seller/view/id/1342


GH: https://sellercenter.jumia.com.gh/promotion/seller/view/id/869


Jumia Global Team

This is a system generated email, do not reply. If you have any questions, please Raise a Claim in the NG Seller Center.