2.1 Send the email to the service at asiaseller.service@jumia.com

2.1.1 What problems does the service email deal with? 
Warehouse setting, account login failure, consultation about the platform, activation of other websites, 
mabaya page setting and other problems. 

2.2.2 Email template 
Hi, we are looking to your reply and solution for the problem of (description) with my store named xxx at xxx (the website) as shown in the screenshot, thank you. 

2.2 Log onto the corresponding website and use Raise a claim to file a claim.

2.2.1 Unavailability of the Page Raise a claim 
This is due to the internet buffer problem of the system, the seller could refresh the page or reopen it when the network goes back to normal. 

2.2.2 What problems is RAC used for? 
Doubts about the bill, COD cancellation, system problems (the seko does not jump to shipped after scanning), system package lost and other problems. 

2.2.3 What is the solution if a problem remains after RAC? 
There are two cases: 
You do not receive any email reply: Raise a claim usually takes 3-5 working days to deal with your problem, please check your email timely and reply if there is any problem (note: response is available only within the 
defined time frame). 

The email reply you received could not solve your problem 
Maybe this is due to a vague description of the problem, please raise a claim again using polite English
 instead of Chinese description.