3.1 What shall the seller do to keep the account setting normal? And is the logistic program in place?

Jumia will set all the account, and to avoid selling revenue collection problems, the sellers are not allowed to change any setting in Seller center. 

3.2 How could the seller attach a Payoneer account to Seller Center? 
Please check the instructions in our email about the account creation, please send an application to JUMIA official email if there is no setting button available for attaching Payoneer to the Seller Center. 

3.3 What are the steps for applying to open stores on other portals? 
Jumia only allows seller meeting the following 3 conditions to open stores on other portals: 
a. Reaching a scoring result of 3.5 points or more 
b. 200 orders/month or 1,500 USD/month of monthly sales revenue 
c. Having entered into a contract with Jumia; 
For the details, please check the instructions for store creation on other state portals of Jumia 

3.4 Steps to revise the store name or email 
Store name and email used are not allowed to revise after successful account creation. 

3.5 How should the seller deal with a login failure of a newly registered hotel? 
Check if the link is correct and updated, and if the password and email is correct. If the problem remains, please print the screen and send the email to JUMIA at asiaseller.service@jumia.com. 

3.6 What are the steps for store activation? 
The seller shall, after receiving the email notification of store account opening, first put 5 SKU on the shelf and attach the Payoneer account as required, and then directly reply to the email from the seller management manager with the screenshot showing the successful attachment of P card. 

3.7 Please raise a claim in the following conditions: 
How shall the seller apply to close the store? 
What shall the seller do in case of sudden login failure of the store? 
After changing the password through "Forget the password", the store remains inaccessible or the system shows that the store is inactive or does not exist.