Jumia Application Form

Payoneer is Jumia's official payment partner. To ensure a secure funds remittance process, please create a Payoneer account first.

Note: Please fill in English for all the contents below

Cannot contain symbols, and cannot include a name of the country or city. In addition, the brand name cannot be directly used as the store name.

"For Turkish companies, please upload the following documents: a. A copy of the Turkiye Ticaret Sicil Gazetesi (AND) b. A copy of either the Faaliyet Belgesi or Kayit Belgesi Maximum 10M, can be in pdf or jpg format but need to be clearly visible. If you can't upload, please try to sign up on a computer.

Need to submit the front and back, both are indispensable! ! Please upload the front and back in one sheet.

Any documents that you find useful,please upload here.

The company name must be 100% consistent with the name of your Payoneer account, including capitalization, punctuation and spaces.

Please write the name

Please write the service provider name

Please tell us in where you know about Jumia

To open an overseas warehouse, you must meet the conditions for a total of 150 drop shipping orders.

Where are your products stored and where will they be shipped from?

Please write your main category

Seller Accounts will be created in all available countries.

The following fields are optional but will help Jumia to provide you a better service.

In case you wish to list Brands on Jumia please list them. You will also need to submit authorization letter(s).

Please register Payoneer company account and fill in the application again register Payoneer company account
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