Jumia Drop-Shipping Parcel Tracking Optimization Announcement(2022/6/8)

Dear sellers,

 In order to make it more convenient to track your drop-shipping parcels, Jumia aligned with our drop-shipping  supplier SEKO to optimize the shipping tracking recently. The details are as below:

1.Basic information about parcel is available

On the tracking webpage, you can check the parcel dimension, weight, event description, event data/time and the location by using the tracking number; 

2.The status for the parcels will be more detailed. 

After the parcel inbounds the warehouse, there will be two main status for the parcel - Inbound & Exception. Meanwhile, there are 5 types of exception status - returned/ overweight/ QC failed/ Cancel/ Label issue(Event Description is shown as the bellowing picture). You can better monitor your parcel under the new tracking system.

Website -

Tracking page:

 We hope to bring a better logistics experience to you after the optimization. On one hand, we hope you can  be more visible for your parcels and take the correct actions in time to avoid the order cancellation. On the other hand, we also hope you can reduce the cost and time on such daily tracking work.

Other Notes:

*When the warehouse finds that your parcels have label issues like unscannable and wrong information, the customer service  will contact you in the next working day to solve the problem, then the parcels will move forward. But if the  customer service can not reach you when the resource is limited or mis-handling, you can contact SEKO to take action directly. For those parcels can not be moved forwarded, we will notify you via email in the coming weeks and you can take the decisions for these exception parcels.

*If there is no status update in the tracking system or you have not been contacted when the parcels are under exception status, you can contact SEKO directly with 3 key points–Tracking Number, Country and Domestic Express Tracking Number, and then Seko will follow  up with the related issues.

         SEKO QQ:953747455、564828126

         SEKO Email:scn.ecomm@sekologistics.com

 Best wishes!

Jumia Global