Jumia Drop Shipping SEKO GZ/SZ/YW Warehouse Adjustment Announcement(2022/5/13)

 With the continuous growth of the JUMIA platform business, and in order to provide the better drop-shipping service to sellers, Jumia will make a change for the current drop-shipping warehouse arrangement. SEKO new Guangzhou warehouse will operate on May 16, and SEKO Shenzhen&YiWu

 on May 23. 

     The details for the warehouse adjustment is as below.

SEKO GuangZhou/ShenZhen/YiWu New Warehouse inforamtion

Seko customer service QQ:1873714822、953747455、564828126


New Warehouse Guideline


 GuangZhou Warehouse


YIWU New Warehouse

DongGuan Warehouse



  1. Is there any impact on Clevy Postal and Drop Shipping HZ/XM warehouse parcels?

A: Sellers only need to send the drop-shipping parcels to the new GZ/DG/YW warehouse.For other parcels, there is no change and only need to keep current operation.

  1. If sellers send out the parcels to the old WHS before  the new WHS operates and arrive after the new warehouse operates,how will we deal with these parcels?

A:We will provide a 7 days grace period to sellers for such cases.

      It means the GZ old WHS (to May.23), SZ/YW WHS (to May.30) will keep receiving sellers' parcels and transfer to the new warehouse to go on the operation. After the grace period, the old WHS will stop receiving the parcels and return to sellers. Sellers need to send the parcels to the new warehouse again.

     In order to minimize the lead time impact and cost impact to you, we suggest you send the parcels to the new warehouse once it launches.


  1. If the seller sends out the parcels before the new WHS operates and arrives at the old WHS after the new WHS operates, will we provide LT protection for these parcels?

A:At the grace period (7 day after the new warehouse opeates), if the parcels arrive at the old warehouse after 17:30, Jumia OPS will check these parcels and will extend 1 day Lead Time as protection if the parcels meet the requirements.


         4. Is there any impact on the parcel lead time?

A: No, no impact for the drop shipping parcels' lead time;


         5. Is there any impact on the parcels’ logistics cost?

A: No, no impact for sellers’ logistics  cost;


         6. Is there impact on the warehouse service and quality?

A:Compared with the current WHS, the new WHS size will be bigger, the equipment will be more advanced, and there will also be more staff.It means the service will level up after using the new WHS.


         7. Is ther impact on the value-added service like relabel and RTV?

A:For relabel service, there is no change.

      For RTV, current WHS will try best to reach sellers to do the RTV one week in advance before the new WHS operation.For those not returned to sellers, they will be moved to the new warehouse to go on the return.But at the first 2 weeks in the new WHS, the operation efficiency for RTV may have some small impact. Thank you for your understanding.


        8. Do sellers need to change the hub when label generation?

A: No need for sellers to change the hub in the system this time.

    For GZ parcels, they still choose GuangZhou hub;

    For YW parcels, they still choose NingBo hub;

    For DG parcels, they still choose ShenZhen hub;


If you have any questions or concerns on the new warehouse adjustment, you can refer to the FAQ and seek the support from the Jumia KAM.

Sorry for any inconvenience when making the adjustment and thank  you for your understanding.


Appendix:SEKO GZ/SZ/YW Current Warehouse Address