JUMIA FBJ Fee Updates(2022/4/29)

Dear Seller,

In order to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the overseas warehouse business, and to cover for the recent changes in inflation and exchange rates fluctuations, JUMIA will be implementing changes on the FBJ fee structure.  The details and changes of the overseas warehouse business fees are explained as follows:


Ⅰ. Outbound Fee

From June 1, 2022, JUMIA will begin to charge an FBJ Outbound Fee in all sites. This fee will apply to every FBJ item in delivered final status (not charged if the item is returned/delivery failed).

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Ⅱ. Storage Fee

 From the time the product enters Jumia overseas warehouse, the storage fee is charged on a daily basis according to the size of the product. Current Storage Fees will still apply to all FBJ sellers.

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Important Notice:

1.A new progressive storage fee model will be launched only in Kenya on July 1st, 2022. The model consists in applying a multiplier to the standard daily fee, depending on the age of the item in the warehouse. 

2.Jumia Services Warehouse is implementing FIFO (First In First Out), which means that products that are put into the warehouse first will have priority in leaving the warehouse.

3.Storage fees may not apply if you have signed a separate contract with JUMIA regarding prepaid storage.

*Take an example as follows, warehousing of small product in Nigerian overseas warehouse

If the storage time is 55 days, the corresponding storage fee will be incurred:

For the first 30 days, the multiplier effect on current fee=0  

Storage fee = daily storage fee * multiplier effect on current fee * storage days =0.0081*0*30=0 USD

For the Days 31 to 55:The multiplier effect on current fee=1   

Storage fee = daily storage fee * multiplier effect on current fee * storage days =0.0081*1*25=0.2025

Total Storage Fee=0+0.2025=0.2025 USD 


Ⅲ. FBJ Inbound Fee

The existing Inbound fees will not change and will still be applicable to all FBJ sellers:

Total Inbound Fee = Inbound Fee + VAT

1.Inbound Fee: 

 Inbound fee is based on size of products,which is uniform for each site

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2. VAT:

VAT shall be charged according to national regulations and it is subject to change. Below are the current rates:

*Take an example as follows, inbound of one unit of small product in Nigeria overseas warehouse

Inbound Fee: $0.09
VAT: 0.09*7.5%=0.00675 dollar

Total Inbound Fee: 0.09+0.00675=0.09675 dollar


Thanks for your support and trust! 


Jumia Global Team