Jumia Global Fees Change Announcement

Dear Seller,

For a long time, JUMIA has been committed to providing international sellers with a stable operation environment for African e-commerce (products subsidies, fixed exchange rates, stable last mail delivery, safe and efficient financial collection, etc.). In the face of the current high level of inflation in Africa, JUMIA will implement changes on the fee structure from September 1st 2022, to maintain the stability of the platform's services and reduce the adverse effects of local inflation and rising exchange rates in Africa. The details and changes of the fees are as follows:

1.FBJ Storage Fees

From the day the product enters Jumia overseas warehouse, the storage fee is charged on a daily basis according to the size of the product. 

The following updated Storage Fees will apply to all countries from September 1st, 2022.


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From September 1st, 2022, the following commission grid will apply to all countries for both dropshipping and FBJ.


If you need to adjust the pricing, please consider all recent factors (such as the fees change and the exchange rates adjustments). If possible, submit the product prices updates only once and wait for synchronization. Submitting the new prices, only update the price and avoid updating other content, otherwise repeated and unnecessary submissions may extend the time for system processing.

Thanks for your support and trust! We  look forward to the improvement of the inflation situation in African countries. JUMIA will adjust the policy in time according to the situation, thank you!

Jumia Global