Jumia Holiday Arrangement for 2023 Chinese New Year(2023/1/9)

Dear Seller,

Please check below Holiday arrangement for 2023 Chinese New Year's Day.


1) The warehouse does not provide receipt and processing services during non-working hours. Please prepare packages in advance to avoid affecting the delivery and processing of orders.

2) Statutory holidays are not included in the delivery time limit. 

3) Vendor Support Team will be on holiday from January 21st to January 29th, and services will resume on January 30th.

4) You can turn on the holiday mode (system operation steps: Seller Center - Setting - Your Profile - Holidays). Please be sure to enable your vacation mode before your official vacation (at least two days in advance).


Assuming that shop A officially starts its holiday on January 20, then shop A should start the holiday mode on January 18, and the start date of the holiday is set to January 18.

Setting steps are as following:

*Note: If you do not turn on the holiday mode yourself, we will uniformly set the holiday mode on Jan 17 for you to take effect from Jan 17 . If you have any questions, please raise a claim.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Jumia Global