JUMIA International sellers should not list any ingestable products(2022/9/27)

At present, JUMIA platform has found that some sellers have listed prohibited ingestible products like foods ,drinks or medicines, which will have a negative impact on the platform. In order to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of JUMIA's Service, JUMIA reminds that all sellers must log in to JUMIA University to check the list of prohibited items before listing  products,in case of listing the prohibited ones.

Jumia University's list of prohibited goods at each site guidline

1. Click here to log in to JUMIA Seller University or enter URL: https://www.jumia-global.com/seller-education-hub/.

2. Drop down the page to the University Course Area ——Policy ——Prohibits.

3. Click the corresponding site picture to view the prohibited products.

4. Click on the list to view the details.

Note: As shown in the figure, Medicaments are restricted products , so the related sellers are not allowed to list such products.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

JUMIA Global