JUMIA Shenzhen Drop Shipping and Postal warehouses have resumed normal business(3/21)

From Mar.21st, the SEKO ShenZhen warehouse and Postal Clevy warehouse will resume.The seller can ship to the above warehouse normally.

To confirm that your parcel can be processed in a timely manner, please send the parcel to the corresponding warehouse within the time limit of delivery (Note: Due to the impact of the epidemic, March 14 to March 20 is not counted as the seller's delivery time limit). The Postal temporary warehouse during the epidemic prevention period will no longer be used.

Please send the package to the corresponding warehouse address according to JUMIA university


1. Before processing the order/shipping the package, please verify the status of the order to avoid sending the package that has been canceled by the buyer to the warehouse.

2. If sellers who have turned on the holiday mode during the epidemic have resumed normal operations, please process the order in time and turn off the holiday mode.

3. When the order has a late delivery label, there is no need for RAC to request a delay, and the system will process the order according to the logic that the 14-20th is not included in the seller's time limit.

Example: The following order can be delivered to the domestic sorting warehouse before the 25th.

Thanks for your trust and support. If you have any concerns, please reach your Account Manager to get more details.