Migration of Vendor Center API (2022/4/26)

Dear seller,


If your ERP systems are currently using Seller Center API, we are glad to inform you that Seller Center API will officially upgrade to Vendor Center API .

As one of our most valuable customers, we’d like to invite you to complete the API migration from Seller Center to Vendor Center by May 30, 2022. Please fill in the form of Vendor Center API migration arrangement, so that we can better understand your plan and provide support accordingly. After the migration, you can integrate with Vendor Center through the new API. We will stop the technical support on Seller Center API after May 30, 2022, and retire the Seller Center API on July 30, 2022.

Vendor Center (VC) is a brand new backend system for Jumia sellers. With this system you can manage products, orders and account statements across countries and shops in one stop. The VC API is designed to allow sellers to easily manage and operate shops on ERP systems via API interface. (More details can be found here)

At present, the VC API includes the following three functional interfaces:

 1.Global Order Processing

Get and process orders from multiple countries and multiple shops;

Pack and mark order as ‘ready to ship’

Get shipping label and tracking number

     2.Global Product Management

Get existing products

Create products

Update product in terms of content, price and stock etc.

    3.Consignment Management (Applicable to FBJ only)

Create Consignment Order

Get stock in Warehouse

Update tracking information by Consignment Order


Vendor Center API Documentation 

Details of the API can be found here


1.To upgrade your shops as Global Shops, Jumia will create your shops in all countries’ Seller Center (NG/EG/KE/MA/GH/UG/IC). You’ll receive the email requesting to verify your email and complete e-contract sign-up.

2.Before API authorization, please make sure you login to Vendor Center by following the guideline here.

3.For products created on Seller Center after Oct 1, 2019, Jumia will replicate the content and price on Vendor Center. For the remaining products existing on Seller Center, please re-create via Vendor Center API.

In case you have any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager for assistance.

Click here to fill the ——「Jumia Vendor Center API  Migration Arrangements」