New International Freight Contribution for Egypt and Uganda is postponed to May 23rd(2022/5/12)

Dear seller,
The time of taking effect of the new calculation of the International Shipping Contribution for Egypt and Uganda is postponed to May 23rd, 2022 (00.00H, Egypt and Uganda local times).


1.How to calculate the new International Freight Contribution?

We will change the way of calculating the International Shipping Contribution from a product category (VSM) to weight-based pricing (recharge).

The weight-based pricing formula is calculated as follows:


International Freight Contribution = Freight Fee * Package Gross Weight (kg).



Important Notes:

  • This product change action only applies to Egypt and Uganda, and the pricing effective date is postponed to May 23rd. If your Egypt or Uganda site has been modified according to the new pricing formula, please make sure that the effective date is changed to May 23rd)

  • Shipping Overweight Surcharge will no longer be applicable.

  • Any package above 3 kg (Gross weight or Volume weight) will not be shipped and will be held at the sorting center according to guideline. Please do not ship packages above this threshold.

  • Any package with one or more of the dimensions above 60cm (L), 40cm (H), 40 cm (W) will not be shipped and will be held at the sorting center according to guideline. Please do not ship packages above this threshold.

  • Any package which does not meet the above weight and dimension threshold will be returned to the seller. Sellers shall collect such packages from the sorting center within 7 days from the date of the return notice. Sellers shall be responsible for the cost of return shipping and other extra fees.

  • Jumia reserves the right to charge penalties to sellers if the Chargeable Weight to Gross Weight proportion deviates substantially from long term averages. We suggest packing your items responsibly and avoiding unnecessary weight and volume.

  • This will affect the orders created after the above mentioned timeline.

  • Due to the large number of pricing changes expected, we highly recommend that all updates be made to avoid any delay.

  • Any other change request besides pricing should be submitted separately to avoid delay or system timeout.


2.How to change the product prices?

(1) Single SKU Price Change:

Modify "Price" to the updated price,and fill in the updated price in "Sale Price";

Modify the promotion start time to "2022/5/23".


(2) Bulk upload via csv:

Log in to the Seller Center>Export product file> Download the "Price Update" Template,

Modify the product price and upload the file.


(3) API:

Change only product price and no other fields


Thank you for your cooperation and support. We hope this new pricing formula can help you price items more accurately and competitively.

Jumia Global Team

This is a system generated email, do not reply. If you have any questions, please Raise a Claim in the NG Seller Center.