OPS Tips for Black Friday 2022(2022/10/14)

Dear seller,

Jumia annual Black Friday promotion will be kicked off on November 4, 2022. Are you ready for the traffic peak season? Shop sales increase, hot-sale products creation, long-term profit, everything is possible! In order to make full use of the opportunity of sales increase, please pay attention to the following warm reminders on the Black Friday.

  • Keep an Eye on Seller Score

       The seller score consists of three components: cancellation rate, quality return rate, product rating, high cancellation rate, high quality return rate and low product rating will result in the following:

  • Trigger the store to be delisted (please refer to the Seller Learning Center to learn about related policies).
  • Products are not eligible for promotion themed events (only premium products will be selected for promotions).
  • Decrease in exposure (store ratings and related metrics are visible to buyers in the shopping page).

Important tips on how to improve your sell score:

  • The package needs to arrive at the sorting center within 5 working days and successfully jump into "shipped" status, otherwise the overtime order will be automatically canceled by the system and the cancellation rate will be affected.
  • Ensure that the online inventory of the store is consistent with the actual inventory for avoiding the increase in the cancellation rate due to insufficient actual inventory and other reasons.
  • Remove overweight products (gross weight or volume weight cannot exceed 3KG) to avoid order cancellation due to overweight products.
  • For a single order split delivery, you can refer to the seller to learn the relevant operation guidelines.
  • When the order status has not jumped into Shipped status for a long time, first check whether the package has arrived at the warehouse smoothly, and then check whether the package has the following abnormalities (SEKO website can be inquired):
    • If the quality inspection QC failed, please resend the correct product according to the QC failure email prompt to avoid OOS caused by timeout (please check the Jumia Smart QC guideline before delivery).
    • If it is a prohibited product, please remove the SKU immediately.
    • If you send a package to the wrong warehouse address, please resend it to the new warehouse within the delivery time limit.
  • Do not change the stock of the FBJ account. The stock of FBJ accounts is set by the local warehouse staff after the product has been checked and quality inspected. Seller is required not to modify the stock of the FBJ account by himself, otherwise orders created will be canceled as out of stock.
  • Do a good job of quality inspection before delivery to avoid sending out defective products.

  • Product Content Optimization

  • Carefully check the product content, price, size chart and other information at least 48 hours before the start of the big promotion, and optimize the description, do not use over-rendered pictures, and avoid the psychological gap of consumers caused by the large difference between the real object and the website.
    • Use variation correctly. Only Fashion SKUs can be set with size as a variation (others such as color, shape, model, etc. cannot be used as variation). If the product has no variable, Variation fills in "..." by default.
    • Choose the exact category. In order to improve the content QC pass rate, please make sure that you use the best matching product category path. Misclassified products can adversely affect SEO and customer experience.

For more detailed product content specifications, please click here

  • Strictly follow the product listing rules, check and remove all prohibit and counterfeit infringing products before promotion to avoid fines, store offline, etc. Examples of prohibit: drones, tattoo equipment, liquids, powders, knives, weapons, food, medicines, etc. The details of the specific prohibit can be viewed here, and the details of counterfeit, infringing and shoddy products can be viewed here.

  • Drainage and Conversion Operations
  • A product with a price advantage will enhance the chance of the product being purchased and increase the conversion rate of the product.
  • Participate in advertising promotion to increase product exposure and conversion rate before the big promotion.
  • Promote your products through media tools such as Instagram or Facebook to increase product popularity.

  • Precautions for direct mail logistics delivery
  • The weight and size requirements of the package under the new Jumia international shipping matrix are as follows. Sellers should pay attention to this limitation when fulfill orders to avoid the package being returned by the sorting center:
    • Gross weight or volume weight should not exceed 3KG.
    • No side or sides can exceed 60cm long, 40cm wide and 40cm high.
  • For Jumia's domestic receiving sorting center address, see Seller Learning Center: Drop Shipping & Postal.

  • Seller Issue Complaint Channel (RAC)
  • When the seller encounters problems in operation, please submit a Raise A Claim in the seller center in time (please refer to NG/KE/CI/EG/MA/GH/UG/SN for the complaint channels of each site), and the staff will respond within 3 working days. 
    • For seller delisting issue: Before applying for relisting, you must ensure that the store's score has reached the standard and please provide the store's score improvement plan and test to reach 80 score when RAC.
    • For the problem that the order is not scanned in time when the order arrives in the warehouse: please check whether the product is intercepted by the warehouse due to abnormality; if there is no abnormality, you can contact the warehouse to scan as soon as possible or RAC to complain about such problems.
    • For some products that cannot be synchronized to the foreground: You can re-edit the product to trigger product QC to synchronize, or go offline and then go online again to trigger synchronization.
    • For system problems: If the product cannot be uploaded successfully due to system problems or the synchronization time is too long, please RAC to solve it in time.
  • If the goods cannot be delivered due to an epidemic during the promotion period, please apply for an extension or cancel the order in time (relevant certificates are required), and pay attention to the Jumia announcement in time.

Thank you for your support and attention, wish you great sales!

Jumia Global