Every seller will receive an email notification for a new order. All new orders will be on the Pending status and are recommended to be moved to the next status Ready to Ship in less than 24 hours. 

All Ready to ship orders should also be moved to the next status Shipped in less than 72 hours

How to Process Orders

Step 1: Click on the Orders tab in seller center

Step 2: Click Manage Orders

Step 3: Click + sign to expand the package. Hover your cursor on the product name to see an image of what was ordered.


Step 4: Click Ready to Ship (RTS)

Step 5: Click the drop-down arrow to select your preferred drop off location


Step 6: Click Create Package & Next

Step 7: Click Ready to Ship. The item will move from Pending to RTS

Step 8: Click RTS

Step 9: Check the boxes to select items for printing or click on the box just before the tab “Print all documents for selected items” to automatically select all orders. Then click Go.


Step 10: Print your document and proceed to the hub for drop off.

NB: If you get multiple orders for large items (e.g. Fridge, AC, Washers etc.), items must be set to RTS differently with different tracking numbers, otherwise the order will be cancelled. Follow the steps below to generate multiple tracking orders and set then to RTS differently.

Step 1: Follow steps 1-3 above on order management

Step 2: Click RTS on each order

Step 3: Follow steps 5-7 above on order management. The Order will split as shown below. Repeat the same for the next item in the same order.

Step 4: Follow steps 8-10 to complete the order management process.


When processing your orders (setting to "ready to ship"), please note to select the correct and preferred delivery provider you will be dropping off at. 

This set-up is necessary in order to track your packages better and to ensure we have sufficient capacity at each location to meet your needs.

To find the list of drop off locations, scroll to the base of your seller center page and click on the quick link “Drop off location”.

This will reveal details of all the drop off locations. Navigate the page to see details of your preferred hub and proceed to drop off your ordered items.


Each ordered item needs to be properly packaged following Jumia’s guidelines. To find your packaging guideline, scroll to the base of your seller center page and click on packaging guidelines.



Step 1: Create a customer account on jumia.com.ng with your registered seller center email address (if you did not have this already)

Step 2: Log into seller center with the same email address and your password

Step 3: Click the Help tab

Step 4: Click Packaging Materials


Step 5: You will be redirected to the Jumia website. Select your packaging materials according to your order fulfillment needs.


Step 6: Be sure your shopping basket contains ONLY packaging materials. Inclusion of other items besides packaging materials may result in cancellation of your order.

Step 7: Select your delivery method. It can be door delivery or pick up from a vendor drop-off hub

Step 8: Choose your preferred payment method and click “Confirm Order”