Please Refer to the Following Notes to Improve the Quality of Your SKU(2022/5/20)

Dear seller:

At present, there are international sellers on the JUMIA platform who have failed QC (Quality Control) due to the low quality of the SKUTo improve SKU content quality. To make SKUs pass content QC easier, we suggest you to list the products meet the below requirements:


1.Do not list prohibited product

e.g. Drugs,beauty products,powers that on prohibited list are now allowed to list;


2.Choose correct category

If select wrong category, all SKUs could not pass content QC that SKUs won’t be online;


 As shown in the picture: If you list a top, but choose “reading glasses” as a category, it is the wrong category, when the product enters the online QC link, it will be QC failed.


3. Choose right brand 

If you are selling brand products, pls select the correct brand name.

If fashion products don’t have brand, please select its brand as “Fashion” instead of “Generic”;


4.Upload a valid product name (title)

Bad product name like “###@!!$$%%^^” are not allowed;Chinese product name is not allowed;Product name should be detailed enough to describe the product.


5.Upload high resolution picture

  • The first image needs to be white on a white background without watermark

  • Resolution 680*680, 200KB


6.Upload correct picture link

When you upload products in bulk, it is recommended that you use a professional picture bed tool to convert the picture into a URL link, and be sure to upload the correct picture bed link, otherwise the system will not recognize it, and the product will not pass QC because there is no picture;


7.Do not list duplicate SKUs


8.Pictures should match to product name


9.Please make sure that the content score is higher than 60

SKUs won't pass content QC if the content score is lower than 60. Please improve the product score to 60 points or more by modifying the content and pictures.


Attached: Click here to view the product listing content of JUMIA University


Thanks for your trust and support!