Please select correct category for Sexual Wellness related products(2022/11/1)

Dear seller,

Recently, on JUMIA NG site we found that some international sellers illegally used inappropriate categories to list sexual health-related products, such as home and office supplies, sporting goods, automobiles, electronic products, fashion, baby products and other categories, which had a negative impact on the platform. In order to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of JUMIA global business, we are sending you this reminder to follow the following category selection guidelines before listing such products to prevent products from being offline in violation of regulations.

  • All products with nudity, sexually suggestive or adult-level images must be categorized in the "Health & Beauty > Sexual Wellness" related category, which is Health & Beauty >> Sexual Wellness 

  • If such images expose genitals or private parts, a sticker should be used in such areas and marked "18+" (example below)

  • Erotic lingerie products, which generally refer to see-through underwear that exposes the private parts, usually meshes and shapes (such as the examples below), should be categorized in the following categories: Health & Beauty >> Sexual Wellness >> Fetish Wear

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Jumia Global