Price and Commission

Jumia Commission is based on SKU Category.

  • Drop shipping & Postal:
5%:Phones and Phones Accessories, TV, Small and Big Appliances, Tablets

  • FBJ:
5%:Phones and Phones Accessories, TV, Small and Big Appliances, Tablets

Besides, If your Seller Score is below 3, we will deduct from your payout an amount proportional to both your sales on Jumia and your Seller Score.

The Contribution for Low Seller Score is displayed in your Seller Centre Account Statement under the “Fees” category.

Dropshipping and Postal Sellers are responsible for shipping the items to the right origin consolidation warehouse, depending on the country and location of the Seller. The Seller shall NOT ship the package to the country of destination, but simply drop it off in the closest consolidation center in the country of origin.
In some cases, Jumia's logistics partners may be facilitating the pick-up of the parcels at the vendor's premises (additional fee may apply).

*Shipping Fees

A) International Shipping Contribution

The international shipping fee of dropshipping and postal orders will be shared by both customers and global sellers. A fixed fee per item, which varies by category will be charged to sellers once the order turns into 'Delivered' or 'Delivery Failed' (including 'Returned'). These fees can be found in the account statement and are called "International Shipping Contribution".

Sellers Shipping Fees for each category are available on this file and they are charged per item shipped.

B) Shipping Overweight Surcharge

All dropshipping parcels with the chargeable weight (the heavier of gross weight and volumetric weight) exceeding 1.5KG will no longer be halted. However, an overweight package surcharge will be incurred. These fees can be found in the account statement and are called "Shipping Overweight Surcharge".

Calculation and Values per Country:

NG, KE, MO, GH, UG, SN: weight * 15 USD/KG.
EG: weight * 30 USD/KG

Example: A package shipped to Nigeria or Morocco with a gross weight is 0.8KG and a volumemetric weight of 1.6KG. In addition to the "International Shipping Contribution", the parcel will be charged a "Shipping Overweight Surcharge" of 1.6KG*15USD/KG =24USD.

*Important Notes:

- Postal Model is only applicable to China Mainland Sellers.
- All prices should be listed in the respective local currencies, using the pre-determined exchange rates also available on this page.
- Vendors are encouraged to keep monitoring this page on a monthly basis and check if there is any variation of the Exchange Rate and/or the Shipping Fees.
- Volumetric weight is computed as L*W*H/6000
- Effective Dates (April 2021): 

Changes will affect all orders included in the 1st account statement after the start of the new exchange rates.

We will charge VAT to JG Sellers for the following Revenue Streams.

- Sponsored Products (Mabaya)
- All Other Marketing Contributions (if paid locally/deducted by SC)
- Jumia Mall Subscriptions (if paid locally/deducted by SC)
- Content VAS Translation & Optimization (Charged in SC)
- Seller Funded Vouchers/Cart Price Rules (Product or Store Level)
- Free Shipping Campaigns  (Product or Store Level)

VAT rates for each of the countries

*This rate is regulated by local government

Price Limit


Sale Price