Remind again| JUMIA Order Operation Guideline during Yiwu Epidemic (2022/8/15)

Dear seller,

Recently Yiwu was affected by COVID-19 which resulted in city lock down until Aug 11th. In order to ensure the stable operation of relevant dropshipping sellers on the JUMIA platform, Jumia recommends sellers to do the following actions:

1, Please send the parcels to Hangzhou / Dongguan warehouse instead of Yiwu.

2, Please re-evaluate your online products as soon as possible:

(1)If you were completely unable to fulfill orders, please turn on the holiday mode for the store until you can fulfill orders normally.

(2)If some of your products can’t be fulfilled, please delist them until they can be shipped normally, and then relist them again.

(3)If you’re unable to fulfill orders normally due to the logistic restriction, please Raise A Claim with order number in time to cancel order or extend lead time. At the same time, we require you to make the following proof includes but is not limited to:

           a) a record of the conversation between you and your supplier confirming that the shipment cannot be shipped;

           b) The information of products that cannot be shipped shall be included in the conversation record;

Please note: If you only provide (a) proof, but it cannot be determined from the conversation record that the order cannot be shipped, we cannot extend the lead time or cancel the order.

JUMIA will comprehensively judge whether the order can be extended lead time or cancelled as non out of stock (cancellation of the order not the seller's responsibility) based on the location of your company's business licence and the proof you provide.

JUMIA will notify you of the processing result via claim within 3 working days. Jumia does not accept secondary appeals for similar issues.

 Thank you for your understanding.

Jumia Global