Shipping timeliness

Dear sellers, in this lesson, you will learn about the effect of shipping timeliness, and how shipping timeliness acts on shops. 

I. How shipping timeliness acts on shops 
1. Shipping timeliness of drop shipping: the platform regulates that a seller shall successfully deliver goods to the warehouse designated by Jumia and have it successfully scanned (meaning change to shipped) within 5 working days 

2. Order cancellation (OOS): if an order fails to be successfully scanned within regulated timeliness, the system will automatically cancel the order cause of OOS 

3. Shop delisting: when the OOS rate > 10%, the platform will directly delist the seller’s shop 

4. Rising OOS rate: any item canceled as OOS will be directly counted in OOS rate, rising OOS rate will directly affect the shop score and lead to extra commission charges 

II. How to take care of timeliness management 

1. Inventory management: a stable supply source would make operation of a shop more efficient, and avoid affecting the delivery efficiency of shop due to delayed procurement 

2. Order monitoring: a new seller shall timely check new order information to avoid missing orders from affecting shipping timeliness 

3. Shipping guideline: a new seller shall carefully read the platform's order shipping standard before shipping, print out the express sheet and labels that meet standards / track parcel scanning status in real time 

4. Platform rules: a seller's SKU listing/order handling shall meet platform-related rules (including but not limited to weight or volume in access/quality inspection requirements/prohibited goods/headless pieces, etc.)