The notice of exchange rates for August 2022 - Reminder(2022/8/5)

Dear sellers,

The following is a notice of exchange rates for August 2022, which will take effect on August 15th, 2022.The exchange rates of Kenya,Egypt,Ivory Coast,Morocco,Uganda ,Senegal and South Africa will be adjusted, whereas the rates of other sites will remain unchanged.Details are as below:


Please be sure to update the price after the new exchange rate on the site takes effect, that is, after August 15th.
  1. If you use Vendor Center to list products, please use Vendor Center to submit price updates for all your products after August 15th , so that the system can be triggered to use the latest FX rate to calculate the local price. Even you do not want to change the USD price, please still ]re-submit the same price to make sure the updated FX rate reflects in the system
  2. If you use the Seller Center to list products, please update the price after August 15th in the Seller Center where the exchange rate has changed .

Shall you have any questions, please always Raise a Claim (RAC) to contact us!

Jumia Global